Elevators 4

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Next step is to prep for doing the layup on the top of the elevators. I removed the peel ply on the leading edge and also sanded the leading edge. The peel ply worked great on the trailing edges.

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The plans call for 0.30 of glass to glass contact on the trailing edge I set mine back 0.40. This way I have a bit of room to use slurry to transition from the core to the glass and not impede on the 0.30 of glass contact. I did have to do some sanding on the entire upper surface to get the height of them down. I made sure they matched the templates with a little room for the top skins. I am still very happy that I got the Eureka Cnc cores. I wasn’t looking forward to cutting my own. I defiantly recommend them to anyone building a Long-ez.

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I found that when I was sanding the trailing edge of the canard that it became difficult to see the edge of the trailing edge when you are trying to trim the top layup to the bottom. I used a sharpie to color the very edge of the glass. It worked well when I did trim the top plys of the elevators, however, I only did one. I forgot to do the second one:-(

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I did intend to use the bondo method to hold the elevators down when I glassed the top skins. But, after using the double sided tape on the bottom skins I was pleased with the way it held the elevators. So I decided to use it again.

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The cores then get there coat of slurry. Again, I don’t think I met the light criteria.

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I then brushed resin on the leading and trailing edges.

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I pre wet out the glass on a layer of bagging film. Again I drew lines on the bagging film so I would have a guide to cut straight lines.

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The top layers of glass are applied and I peel plied the leading and trailing edge.

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The next day I trimmed the trailing edges. I clamped the trailing edges to an aluminum bar and will leave them to finish curing. I have ordered my torque tub offsets from the cozygirrrls but they are just finishing up a new batch. They should be ready soon as they were out getting their cad plating. I will have to wait for them so I can install the elevators.


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