The Making of a Cockpit 2


Here is the console with the extra layers built up on the flange. I rough trimmed the inside cutout and gave it a general clean up.


The cover was located and the core set back around 0.125.


I used some thick micro to dam up the open ends of the console. That way when I inject the lower viscosity micro it won’t run out.


The edges were filled with micro. I had to come back and top it up a few times. As it flowed out and filled the gap it would sag so I made sure it was always a little proud of the surface. After it cured I sanded it flush to the core.


Here is a pic of the test fit. Overall I am happy with access I will have.


I will also have access to glass the CS109 inside and outside onto the fuse and the console. That will make a very rigid mount for the controls 🙂




Here is a pic of the console in place. Once the consoles are glassed in I can still lean on them to get my ass out of the plane.


I also decided to put anchor nuts on the fuel selector bracket. It will make it possible for me to install it without another set of hands.


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