Elevators 3

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First step was to shape the leading edge of the elevator and clean up any epoxy from bonding in the tubes. I measured out where the mass balance weights are going to be glassed on and recessed the core slightly. I want to try to eliminate the bump that you see on some elevators.

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I masked off the table and applied some tape down the trailing edge of the cores.

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I put some double sided tape onto the masking tape on the table. I then stuck the trailing edge down to the table and used little foam wedges on the leading edge to support it. I let it sit for awhile to make sure it wasn’t going to slowly release over time. It held so I decided to use this method to hold the elevator cores to the table. When I do the top sides of the elevators I will use bondo to hold them flat. I just didn’t want to do any damage to the cores when working on the bottom side.

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I decided to use the peel ply technique on the trailing edge. I also used the spray adhesive that I used on the canard to hold it in place. I was a little unsure of using it here as the elevator cores are so fragile and thought that I might be causing risk of damaging them when I remove the peel ply. So we will see how it works.

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This is a picture of the rollers that I use at work. They are not the ones you buy from the hardware store. The rollers are designed to be used with adhesives. They are a little bit bristly and work well for applying epoxy to cloth. They make short work of it and also aid in removing air.

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The plans call for a light coat of slurry on the cores. Not sure if I met the goal but I did use less then I normally do. I also rolled straight resin onto the tube where the glass will be bonding.

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I wet out the glass on some bagging film taped to the table. I tried to keep the resin content as little as possible but still enough to wet out the glass. You can see the red line that I drew on the back side of the bagging film, this is just a guide for me to cut a straight line.

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Here are the elevators with the bottoms glassed. I also used some peel ply on the leading edge where the top layers of glass will be overlapping.

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The Boss stopped by today to see if I was working or playing. I was playing of coarse 🙂


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