The Long Nose 18


I needed to be able to mount the molex on the actuator to the cover. I downloaded the solid model of the connector from the molex web page. I then drew a mounting plate in Solidworks.


I decided to make it out of plastic, I wanted it to be non conductive. I saved the file as a STL and used my 3D printer to make a few of them.


Here is what they look like finished.


Here is what it looks like with the molex connector.


I need to get some longer screws but the cover was trimmed and the mount was installed.


Here is a pic of the cover installed.



I still have to mount the cover to the NG 30s but other than that it is done. That is until I figure out what else I have to mount up in the nose.


I also picked up my battery so I can build the mount. I looked up on the Odyssey web site and found that there was a local distributor. I gave them the number of the battery and before I could even ask how much he had one placed on the counter. I thought I would have to order one in so I was pleased when they had it in stock. I will also need to make a mount for the backup battery for the nose gear.

landing light

I also spent some time finishing off the nose cone design which will house the pitot and the landing light. I talked to a Whelen rep at a trade show about a suitable light with the correct beam pattern and I am going to go with what he suggested. I was able to get it to fit and will have a little room for adjustment. The pitot tube is just drawn for visual effect. I haven’t decided on what I am going to use or if I will buy one or make it.


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