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The Long Nose 23


Here are the doors after cure. The blue tape is flash breaker. I didn’t want to build up the area where the hinge will install so I used to tape to prevent the.


All the pieces were scuffed and cleaned. I will be using an adhesive to mount the doors to the hinge. On top of the adhesive I used some solid rivets for added measure.


Here is the hinges being bonded. I used the clamps to help with getting the adhesive to squeeze out. I then installed some solid rivets.


Here are the gear doors after the extra adhesive was leaned up.


This is the woes of riveting the hinge. You can see that it in not straight. So to hold everything straight I reinstalled the second half of the hinge and bolted them into place on the fuse.


I decided to do some micro around the doors. Turns out I went a little farther than the gear doors and applied micro to the whole front end.


Here is the front of the plane with its micro coat.


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