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The Making of a Cockpit 3

Progress over the last month has been quite slow. Between work, being sick, the winter blahs  and taking holidays I have not put in the time that I had hoped for lately. However, the days are starting to get longer and the sun is shining more so hopefully the energy levels pick up and I can get back to building.


I did get the left hand console to the same stage as the right hand. The process was the same so I didn’t bother with the pictures.



Here is the left console with its access panel in place.



I had to plug the original slots for the trim and the speed brake levers. I cut some strips of core to fill the slots. Notice the difference in the core color. I will sand all the old core down until I get rid of the deteriorated outer layer.


The strips were left proud.


I added a single layer of glass to the inside of the console covering the slot openings.


After the glass cured everything was sanded flush. You can see that I was able to get down into fresh core. Both consoles were sanded to this state.



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