Filling and fairing


Since I had gone so far on filling the nose I decided to go farther back on the fuse and fill around the speed brake. I started by removing the hardware that was installed. I was going to change out the hardware to countersinks so this was prime time. I sanded and cleaned up the brake.


I didn’t take any pictures of the countersunk hardware getting installed. I scuffed and taped for the next micro fill. I didn’t carry on to the back because I was mentally thinking I need to change out the washers on the landing gear. Here is some links to others that have had to complete that task. Marco and Wade have been through it and I’m sure hundreds of others have also. I will soon be on that list. However, while I was thinking of this I dumbly stopped at the seat belt mounts instead of the landing gear. So I could have gone further back but oh well I’ll get it on the next fill. I had roughly sanded out the micro I had applied to the nose. While doing that I learned NOT to use the MGS epoxy for micro. I had used some excess resin to do a fill around the nose bumper and it is just not fun stuff to sand.


I did the fill on the aft of the fuse and built up extra around the landing brake to create its recess. You can see in this pic the countersunk hardware that I installed on the door. These will end up being sacrificial as I won’t bother being careful around them when I sand. After all the fill and fairing is done I will replace them with new hardware.


I also applied micro to the front landing gear door. I needed to add more micro to the transition of the nose to the fuse so I also added some there.


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