Canard part 7 installing canard

I am going a little out of order on the build of the canard. I am still waiting for my offsets to arrive so I’m doing what I can that doesn’t require me to have the elevators mounted.

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My fuse was already trimmed to fit the GU canard so most of the work was already done. I did have to do some fine tuning as the Roncz canard sits a little different. I used my contour templates as a guide to create a new trim line. I clamped some aluminum to the top longeron and projected it out. It just so happened that I needed exactly a 0.20 shim so the 18# red urethane was perfect.

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Since I was trimming to a line I used my scribe to mark it. That way its easier to see when the dust starts flying.

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Here is a pic of the template I used to set the incidence.

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The fuse was leveled and blocked so it wouldn’t move around. I measured out the canard to find the exact center. I also checked that it was in the center of the lift tabs. I used clamps on the lift tabs to hold the canard in place. I had to fine tune the fuse sides until the canard sat at 0 incidence. The incidence was checked along the entire length to insure it was correct.

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I also measured the sweep and needed some of my post-it shim stock to move the right side of the canard forward. I re checked everything and drilled the two 3/16 holes through the lift tabs. I also used some an3 bolts to make sure it wouldn’t move.

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I used the 18# core to make the tabs. I positioned them and shimmed them off of the fuse with some calibrated stir sticks. I used 15 minute epoxy with a little flox to bond them into position.

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A little tape to make sure I don’t permanently mount the canard.

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I then glassed the outer layers of glass onto the tabs.

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The next day I removed the canard and did a little clean up on the tabs. I also back drilled the 3/16 hole.

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I flipped the canard over and glassed the back side of the tabs.


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