More canard

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I got the spar cavity all cleaned up and ready to start laying down the spar cap.

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I put down seven layers. I stepped the layers every four to six inches and angled the cuts. This is the last layer being wet out. You can still see some white on layer six on the ends. If you give the resin enough time to break down the binders in the cloth it eventually wets out. I make sure where the next layer is going down is wet out . When I start wetting out the next layer the ends are wet by that time. You can spend a lot of time messing around trying to get the cloth completely wet out before you go to the next layer but if you give it time and work in a different area it does it on its own.

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All the spar caps are now wet out and squeegeed.

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The tape is removed and the trough looks like it filled nicely.

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The cores now get their coat of slurry. I use a roller to apply the slurry then squeegee the excess off. I try to fill the cell structure of the core completely.

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This is the last of the 2nd layer going on. It is the bidirectional. The salvage edges have been removed and the cloth is butted so as to not make a bump in the layup.

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The last layer of Uni is in place and will get worked to try to suck up any excess resin from the layer before.

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The canard bottom is all finished with peel ply on the leading edges and on the ends where the tips will glass on.

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Here is a closer look at the laminate. You can see the blue and black lines that I used as a guide for staggering the spar cap layers.

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One last check with the template.


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