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I decided to pre install the foam inserts that the hinge plates bond into. Chrissi from was kind enough to send me a drawing of the new locations so I can use their torque tube offsets. Two of the hinge plates are in a different locations from the plans.

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I made a jig for cutting the canard cores. I also made a small hot wire cutter to make it easier.

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The jig is slide over the core until it is in the correct location. Then I just let the hot wire cutter to follow the jig all the way around.

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Just like so.

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Here is a pic of the foam slid in place. Nice fit. I cnc cut the inserts so they matched but the canard core that is cut out could be used as a template to cut them by hand.

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Getting ready to bond everything together.

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Here is a pic of everything bonded together.

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Here is a contact adhesive that can be used on anything that is going into a layup and won’t affect the epoxy. I am using it to put down the peel ply on the trailing edge of the canard.

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Here you can see the peel ply in place. No nails or staples or bumps keeping the glass from laying straight.


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