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I screwed up on the last ones that I cut. The holes for the bolts were too big. Not sure how I managed to draw them like that but I did. Its easy enough to make some new ones.

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Aluminum parts in the acid etch bubbling away. I always hated the smell of this stuff 😦

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Parts in alodine doing its thing.

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Here is a shot of riveting the anchor nuts.

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You can see one of the 1/4 inch holes for the dowels is right where the inserts go. My cores are older ones and I know this has been corrected by Eureka CNC.

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Here is what my finished recess looks like. The cores are so easy to cut that it doesn’t take much to make the relief for the anchor nuts. I just used a small screwdriver and dug them out.

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All ready to start laying up the shear web.

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All the layers are on.

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Followed by some peel ply.

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After it was cured I installed the lift tabs and torqued them to the plans. I also made sure they were pointing in the right direction 🙂

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Dowels are epoxied in and ready to bond the leading edge on.

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The leading edge is bonded and clamped down.

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