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I have been busy at work and working weekends so its been cutting into my airplane building time. Add on a cold and all EZ productions stopped. So, this week I needed a pick me up which meant the only way to get that was to start building again 🙂 I wasn’t in the mood for any more filling and fairing so I flipped the fuse and continued on with the rudder pedals.

rudder pedal

Here the pic again of what I have come up with for my rudder pedals. I have simplified them a little from my original plan by not making them adjustable in its length. If I feel I need to add that feature I can always add it in. I have also bumped up the diameter to 0.625 tubing because of its length. The truth is it was all I had on hand.


It all started with a pilot hole.


I then used a uni bit to open it up to a 5/8 hole. After that it was a little filing to get an acceptable shape.


I didn’t get any other pics of the other parts being made 😦 Here are all the components made for the left hand pedal. I decided to use a bronze bushing in the pivot point so I used the lathe to make the base from some solid stock of 4130. I now need to machine the base for the pedal which led me to a bit of pondering. I want my pedals to be in the correct spot when I install them. I’m not a huge guy but I fill up an EZ with not a lot of wiggle room. Add on the fact that my feet just clear the F22 bulkhead and the location becomes critical to being functional and comfortable. So I set out to put them in the best possible location. The first step was to determine the position I would be sitting. It only made sense to me that the thigh support and the seat cushions I would be using would need to be installed. Well, turns out there is a lot to be done to finish off the thigh support.


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