The Long-ez

Hello. Building a homebuilt aircraft has been on my list of things to do for a long time. An opportunity to buy a project locally came up and I decided to go for it. It just happened to be a long-ez. Now, anyone who is anybody has heard of the amazing aircraft that Burt Rutan has designed and when you start to research further into the aircraft you quickly see how awesome and well designed they are. I have to admit that I never considered a long-ez as a viable option as the aircraft that I would choose to build. However, now that I have done the research on the design, safety and performance I realize there is no other choice.

I also would like to publicly thank Lannea. Lannea is the wonderful lady that sold me the long-ez project. Once in a while you meet people that are just a pleasure to be around and talk to, that would be Lannea. When I told Lannea that I was going to buy the long-ez see was so happy for me that she gave me a hug. I wish all purchases were that pleasant. So Lannea, again, thank you for making it all possible.


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the Garaggio

Projects from Joe's Workshop

the Garaggio

Projects from Joe's Workshop

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